Date: 22.07.2013

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Public Advisory Council to the regulator discussed today (22 July 2013) changes in the electricity prices.

Bulgarian Industrial Association takes a position based on the following principles:

1. Axiomatic, export prices should not be lower than those for domestic consumption, because it makes the production of the Bulgarian companies uncompetitive;

2. Changes in pricing should not hamper the opportunities for reproduction of the participants in the electricity market, i.e. decrease of the electricity prices should not be at the expense of the necessary investment costs of the electricity companies;

3. The funds of the sale of CO2 allowances should be directed towards energy-efficient technologies in the industry and not to cover the price difference from production. You have to look long and not making time!

4. We need a radical reform in the sector. For this purpose, the country should buy the rights or property of “Maritsa Iztok” 1 and 3, as well as renewable energy sources with a raise target resource outside estimates of the country, and bring to the market conditions, the pricing of these proceedings.