National Association of Industrial guarding by technical means in a project of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, develop professional standards for 10 key positions in the security industry. Stipulated criteria are owned level of knowledge, skills and competencies in the following positions: guard - armed and unarmed guards, security collection, operator monitoring center guard - avtopartrul, Director - Physical Security, Director - monitoring center and siting responsible.

Thus the security business introduces voluntary among ten leading enterprises pilot competency management approach that relies in addition to the mandatory requirements for professional qualifications and personal skills and competencies of employees. This will ensure a higher quality of service and career development of each. Competence approach offers the opportunity to study informal acquired knowledge and enables them rewards. "This is an opportunity branch to take its place in the specific services they will ensure value added service through the development of its employees. Valuable introduction to the professional standards is also featuring businesses that are actually competitors among themselves, but have a common vision for the development of the sector. "Said Tatyana Ivanova, sectoral referent of SCS 'private security services.

Date: 07.05.2013

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