The Bulgarian Industrial Association is part of the international project LUDUS (European Network for the Sharing and Dissemination of Technologies and Knowledge in the Innovative Field of Game Based Learning) together with another 7 partners from 6 European countries.
Today, was presented the objectives of the LUDUS project, as well as the essence and opportunities of the serious games by Mr. Branimir Handjiev - Director General at BIA and Mr. David Wortley, Director of the Serious Games Institute by the Coventry University in UK, who was our main speaker especially for this event .
Serious Games are generally perceived as games that engage users in their pursuit, and contribute to the achievement of a defined purpose other than pure entertainment. They involve goal orientated ‘play’, often in real world scenarios and intended to ‘improve’ the player’s knowledge, awareness or skills. Most often they are used for corporate training, education, thinking /logic/ math skills, simulations, military training, health care, government / management, and social change.
What are Serious Games and How, Why and Where can they be used ?

  • Introduction to the Serious Games Institute
  • Serious Games Past, Present and Future
  • Example Serious Games
  • Benefits of Serious Games for business

The presentation covered the basics of serious games and illustrated how video games, virtual worlds and social networking technologies could be used for applications such as e-learning and simulation.

Date: 11.12.2009

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