Date: 29.06.2005

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At a special press conference on 29 June BIA made an Address to the political forces represented in the 40th National Assembly and accountable for the composition of the new Bulgarian Government.

The document emphasizes that the Bulgarian entrepreneurs and industrialists are ready for a beneficial cooperation with the newly elected Bulgarian government looking for the best solutions for development of our economy as, without its sound foundations, the attainment of sustainable development and nation prosperity would not be possible.

The future of our country in the context of the European Union accession is impossible without a strong, stable and accelerated developing economy by reason of what BIA considers obligatory the continuation of the reforms in key spheres, such as the tax and social insurance policy, stimulating the investments and innovations, improving the practice of state administration, education and science, environment protection and so on.

BIA calls upon the political forces while negotiating the formation of the next Bulgarian government to take account of the issues presented in this Address and to impose upon the new Government the duty of fulfilling them during its mandate.