Date: 19.06.2007

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Today, June 19th, was held Discussion Forum: “Grey Economy: Reflection on the development of Bulgaria and measures for solving the issues”.

The forum was part of the Partnership Initiative “Come to Light” that was started by the national media: Bulgarian National Television, bTV, Nova Television, Bulgarian National Radio, Darik Radio, the newspapers “24 Hours”, “Trud” and “Sega” and the Nationally Recognized Employers’ Organizations: Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) and the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) on May 2nd 2007.

Presenting their views on the issues of the Grey Economy, the following Ministers and representatives of the national authorities took part in the discussion: Ivailo Kalfin – Vice PM and Minister of the Foreign Affairs, Plamen Oresharski – Minister of Finance, Rumen Petkov – Minister of Interior, Emilia Maslarova – Minister of Labor and Social Policy, the Head of the National Revenue Agency – Maria Murgina, the Head of the General Labor Inspectorate – Totio Mladenov, the Head of the National Social Security Institute – Yordan Hristoskov, the President of BIA – Bojidar Danev, the President of BICA – Vassil Velev, also the Economy Analysis Experts: Georgi Ganev (Center for Liberal Strategies) and Petkan Iliev (Center for the Study of Democracy).





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