Date: 14.01.2021

Author: Radosvet Radev - Chairman of BIA

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Dear readers, the conclusions are clearer than they’ve ever been. If you’re reading these lines, you’ve survived! You have overcome your fears, you have dealt with the unknown, you are ready for more. You will succeed because the Bulgarian entrepreneur has immunity against adversity. We have been testing various vaccines for 30 years now showing all sorts of side effects.

There will be a lot of talk about 2020. One of the questions is whether the Bulgarian economy has fallen ill. What influenced it? The entrepreneurs are the same people who were the successful managers of 2019. The country is supposed to be the same. Our exports are supposed to be on the established markets. The creative industries are evolving, but something is not the same. The COVID crisis has not yet destroyed the Bulgarian economy, but it has brought painful shocks to certain industries and enterprises. So, the question remains- is she sick?

There are two options for a sick person: to submit to the pain and surrender to the circumstances, or to overcome the pain and submit the circumstances to himself. The first type of people are the perpetually ill. The system is not ready for them and never will be. The second type of people are those who have a chance to recover and whom society needs! Let's be one of them!

We should not forget anything from the year 2020. The smart ones will draw their lessons from the past year, which without the emergency might have go on for decades. I sincerely hope that you will be among exactly these smart people, so that you come out stronger and ready to continue on the path you have taken or to start all new from the beginning.

The goal of the New Year's issue of Noblesse Oblige is to become a manual for worthy entrepreneurs, for the expired terms of tolerance and for the future days of success! I believe that another year of trials awaits us, in which we will work together towards a better future, which we will actually want with the coming and going of each following calendar sheet! There is nothing better than new hopes and the chance for a new beginning of dreams!

We are facing new parliamentary and presidential elections. This has further burdened the economic life in the country and it is expected that, as a result of these elections, Bulgaria will have a more modern government that understands the problems of business. A government that will set a new quality standard of dialogue between the state, business and trade unions in order to begin the real transformation of the management processes in favor of Bulgaria. Therefore, of course, integrity is needed in all participants in the dialogue. 30 years after the establishment of a market economy in Bulgaria, we understand that we owe everything to the Bulgarian entrepreneur. Another 30 years in Bulgarian history - 1878-1908, show the exceptional pace at which the economic life of a young and independent Bulgaria was built - an achievement of both the Bulgarian state and the Bulgarian entrepreneur. We could only dream of such a pace.

Baring the hope that we are emerging from a global and national crisis, I believe that we will have a better year than the one we have left behind. Let's get to work! We are only at the start of 2021. The road is new and still unpaved, let’s leave a mark!