Stanislav Popdonchev was born on the 28th of April, 1980 (only three days after BIA was established). In 2005 he graduated with a Master's degree in Accounting and Control from UNWE - Sofia. He is certified as a consultant in the organization and optimization of work systems and processes according to the methodology of REFA-Germany. Since 2003 he has been coordinating the financial and accounting activities of BIA, initially as a CFO at BIC Capital Market EOOD and is the Chief Financial Officer at BIA since 2017. Stanislav Popdonchev represents BIA in the Advisory Board of the Executive Director of the National Revenue Agency. He is a member of the WG 27 "Financial Control and Accounting" of the European Affairs Council of the Ministry of Finance. Since July 1st, 2019 he is also among the Vice Presidents of the Bulgarian Industrial Association. Mr. Popdonchev is responsible for all project and business activities, including BIA's participation in the national institutional framework for the management of European Structural Funds.


Personal anniversaries are often an occasion for self-reflection. What is your account balance after the 17 years you spent working at BIA?

For me, personal anniversaries are rather an occasion for celebration, and over time they seem to bring more joy to the people around us than to us ourselves. Although I have one more year to reach “legal age” in BIA, I am aware that I am increasingly not only purely professionally interested in the long-term prognosis of the development of the pension system J. In my profession, one has to look back, at the present time and at least one year in advance, which, in addition to this not being an easy task, can often cause long-lasting ophthalmic problems. Otherwise, we all “balance” things on a daily basis, often even unconsciously. My assessment is that the positive things and the good moments have prevailed during these 17 years in BIA.

How did you end up on BIA's team?

With one phone call and an appointment. Unexpected, sudden and, as it often happens, as a substitute for a colleague. I was still a student, with the inherent deceitfully big self-confidence of a person, recently graduated with a bachelor's degree; a feature which the higher education in Bulgaria is capable of successfully educating in any young specialist. I had about a year of practical experience. I didn't know anything about BIA. The first three signs next to the cabinet doors in the buildinger that I laid eyes on were the of the “General Counsel”, the “Head Secretary” and the “Secretary General”. I was sure that by the end of the corridor I would see a cabinet labeled as “Prime Minister”.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in 40 years?

It has always been difficult for me to use "more" and "most" as comparative categories seriously. And often in the Bulgarian language the comparative degree is used as higher than the superior. There is always something that is bigger and bigger. I have learned many lessons. In my childhood years, for example, I learned that no matter the number of times a person walks past a school cafeteria, the traditional specific aroma of the food prepared in it is always the same, regardless of the school and the menu for the day, and that you will never encounter that certain aroma at home or in a restaurant. And three years ago, I became convinced that even after 30 years this tradition is still alive. On a serious note, I have learned that it is really important to be able to express your opinions freely and openly, to protect yourself from prejudices and influences of authority, to defend consistently and professionally principles, not certain conjunctural interests. And I am happy that at BIA I am surrounded by people with whom we share and apply the same values.

What is the most important job you have done?

For years, I have not perceived my work at BIA as a job. I can't say it's always a pleasure. The exact word is perhaps as a “cause”. I believe that the good and the important are always in front of us- in the future.

Your wish for BIA's anniversary?

Health, so that we don’t have to care about whose expense is going to cover the first three days of the sick leave .

Longevity to reach the times, in which the electronic workbook will be introduced.

Beauty - as they will observe us under the Excise Duty Act, may we at least be pretty!

Diligence - without (banning) overtime work.

Money, so that we can welcome properly ERM 2 and, if necessary, 3!

The power to defend worthy positions in often unworthy battles.

Kindness, so that we can remain good people with warm smiles!

Date: 28.04.2020

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