Date: 20.04.2020

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"Eurohold Bulgaria" AD is a leading company whose shares are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). The company is focused on asset management, insurance, leasing and new car sales. Part of Eurohold Bulgaria AD is Euroins Insurance Group AD (EIG) - one of the largest independent insurance groups in Central and Southeastern Europe offering a full range of insurance products in the areas of general, health and life insurance. The Sofia-based group operates in 10 European countries, with subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Greece, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. EIG is active in Poland, Spain and Italy.


The Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Land Owners is an association of innovative ideas and projects aimed at agriculture. It was established in 2007 by 7 companies investing in agricultural land. Currently, many of the largest owners of agricultural land in Bulgaria participate in the association. The total area owned by the member companies in the association is about 3 million decares. The property is located in more than 2,500 villages in the country. Many of the member companies are in financial groups with companies engaged in agriculture, developing a wide variety of activities - grain production, horticulture, production of essential oils, viticulture, cattle breeding and more.


dm drogerie markt belongs to the largest drugstore chains in Central and Eastern Europe. The first store opened in 1973 in Karlsruhe, Germany, and the first branch in Austria, in 1976, in the city of Linz. The headquarters of the group is located in Salzburg, Austria. Today dm is represented in 13 countries in Europe.

dm Bulgaria joined the group on January 29, 2009 with its first store in Vidin. To date, the store network consists of 82 stores in 26 cities in the country, and the company's employees are more than 800. The dm range covers over 14,000 items - an extremely large number of cosmetics, perfumes, home goods, pet food, baby products and more. The diverse range is complemented by 29 dm's own brands, the most popular of which are: Balea, babylove, alverde, DONTODENT, Denkmit, Profissimo, trend IT UP and dmBio. Medicine and medical products are not available at dm Bulgaria stores.


Flora Commerce EOOD is a Bulgarian company with a lot of years of experience in the artistic design, spatial layout and arrangement of artificial, dried and natural flowers and plants, all kinds of pottery, glass, zinc and wicker. The company offers decoration of hotels, malls, hospitals, restaurants, casinos, offices, private homes, spas and more. The company has its own studio for arranging non-standard orders. 


JM Kay Design Ltd. is a company working and developing in the field of fashion design. It offers unique, high quality, limited edition CARAMELFS ladies' clothing in the online marketplace. The company relies on a distinctive design, work with natural fabrics and personal attitude to the client. 


All Rooms Ltd manages the most complete catalog site of the so-called escape room games for Bulgaria. Escape rooms (also called "puzzle rooms", "puzzle rooms") are logical team games where 2 to 6 people enter a thematically decorated room in order to solve a series of puzzles to fulfill the mission of the game and find a way out. This fun combines an intellectual challenge with the conditions for improving organizational, logical and cooperative skills. It is recommended for corporate team buildings (incl. an environment for employee evaluation and selection), friendly competitions, family fun.


Kaufland Bulgaria is a leader in the modern trade sector with an annual turnover of nearly BGN 1.6 billion. With a team of more than 6,000 employees, the company works every day to provide customer satisfaction, offering them a huge variety of quality and fresh products at bargain prices as well as convenient and easy shopping. In 2020, Kaufland Bulgaria has a chain of 60 hypermarkets in 34 cities. Each of them has an average retail space of 3,200 square meters, with the largest assortment exceeding 20,000 items. Since its arrival in Bulgaria, the company has become a trusted assistant to the Bulgarian family, a preferred partner for the Bulgarian manufacturer and a significant factor in stimulating the national and regional economy and infrastructure on the ground.


The Bulgarian Association of CSR Specialists includes more than 40 leading experts who work together to promote and develop the profession of specialists in corporate sustainability and social responsibility. They work to enable all members to develop new competences and professional skills and create a social environment for mutual understanding and positive attitude towards the profession. It is our primary responsibility to be interested in public welfare and to be prepared to apply our specific knowledge to the benefit of humanity and the environment. The members of BAXOS are the conductors of this culture, without which no company can prosper today.


Ecobulsort EAD is a company whose activity is waste collection, sorting and recovery; garbage collection, and landfilling of municipal solid waste; preparation and implementation of projects in the field of ecology and waste management. Ecobulsort is an operator of the Waste Pre-treatment Plant built by Ecobulpack on the territory of the city of Filipovtsi in Sofia. The company sorts the waste coming from the systems for separate collection of packaging waste and from the municipal systems for collection and transportation of mixed municipal waste. The recyclable materials are disposed of as raw materials for recycling companies in the country and abroad. Ecobulsort EAD, through its participation in the SPSP or independently performs activities on treatment of non-hazardous waste, such as operator, separation plants, composting sites, regional landfills, transshipment stations in the territory of several municipalities in the country. Ecobulsort EAD is a 100% subsidiary of Ecobulpack AD.


The Dimitar A. Tsenov Academy of Economics - Svishtov is a university with 83 years of history and over 150,000 graduates. Provides training in professional fields 3.8. Economy and 3.7. Administration and Management, in Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and Doctor's Degree, in regular, part-time and distance form. Svishtov students receive solid professional theoretical and practical training in curricula developed jointly with business and public administration. Along with socially oriented semester fees, canteen meals and financial support in the form of scholarships and awards enrolled in first-year 2020, they will be eligible for free placement in renovated student hostels during the first year of their studies. The diploma and European diploma application received by the graduates of the Business Academy are recognized in the European Union, the USA and Canada.


The Bulgarian Academy of Innovative Technology Foundation (BAIT) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to innovative projects and technologies, challenges, innovations and good practices in the fields of agriculture, food industry, environment, precision medicine, genomics and bioinformatics . Given the scale and relevant production opportunities in an open world market, BAIT offers scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial innovations for the application of genetic, molecular-biological and genomic approaches in addressing major scientific problems in various fields: genetics, genomics, medicine, biotechnology, agriculture and the food industry to make them more competitive and modern, aiming for high quality through less resources and without compromising the environment. BAIT supports the creation of innovative hubs in the fields of medicine, genetics, bioinformatics, agriculture, food processing and ecology in Bulgaria, which give access to the latest knowledge, experience and technologies for testing and innovation.


The Association of Bulgarian Restaurants and Bars (SZB) was registered under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act in 2013 and brings together owners of dining and entertainment establishments. The main goals of the Association are: To support, promote, represent and protect the interests of the owners of establishments in the performance of their activities, as well as to represent the branch before state and municipal institutions in order to protect the interests of the members of the Association and representatives of small and small medium business in the industry; To assist in the negotiation of better terms for its members with suppliers of goods and services in order to improve the competitiveness of the members of the Association; To represent and protect the interests of its members as owners of establishments; To lay the foundations for drafting a Code of mutual assistance and loyalty among the participants in the industry; To assist in improving communication between members in order to quickly resolve industry problems; To participate in the negotiation process and the process of forming normative acts on the status and activity of establishments in the Republic of Bulgaria; To promote the development of a web-based platform in order to increase the interest in the products and services offered by the members and an internal module for mutual assistance, concerning staff, regulations, equipment, equipment, etc .; To participate in the improvement of the system for raising the education and qualification of the human resources for the needs of the branch.


"Ramkofarm" Ltd. has the subject of activity "production of nutritional supplements". The company was established in 1993 with 100% private Bulgarian capital. Its main activity is the development, production and distribution of herbal based nutritional supplements - products from standardized dry extracts, essential oils and combinations of capsules and tablets. The raw materials used are mainly imports from leading phytopharmaceutical companies in Europe. To date, the company has developed more than 70 products, 48 ​​of which are sold in the pharmacy network and enjoy the reputation of quality and consumer-demanded products. All products of Ramkofarm Ltd. are patented as utility models and trademarks. Ramkofarm Ltd. has registrations and exports of its products to Greece, Northern Macedonia and Iraq, as well as working on new opportunities to enter third markets. The company owns its own manufacturing facility, which is built under GMP conditions and is licensed to manufacture drugs by the Drug Enforcement Agency. The company has registered and manufactures two medicinal products: "Potassium iodide Ramkofarm - 65 mg", Nurulin Duo 500 mg paracetamol / 200 mg ibuprofen tablets.