Date: 21.09.2019

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The Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) has signed an agreement with Karoll Investment Group EAD for cooperation in the field of business consulting of Bulgarian entrepreneurs in the field of merges and acquisitions. The activity will be coordinated by BIK Capital Market EOOD - a sole proprietor of the BIA, with manager Zhechko Dimitrov.

Mr. Dimitrov, what real new opportunities does BIA offer to Bulgarian entrepreneurs with the signing of this agreement?

The Karroll Investment Group, as part of Oaklins International in partnership with BIA, offers Bulgarian entrepreneurs specialized advice in three extremely sensitive but very important business areas:

  • attracting strategic or financial investors for the purpose of business development and expansion;
  • partial or full acquisition of shares from another company in order to widen the business and increase its own market share, and
  • partial or full sale of an enterprise.

There is an inevitable moment in the development of any business, in which the entrepreneur must be prepared to expand his or hers market share or to achieve a successful exit from a particular investment. A good entrepreneur is the who not only has good market ideas, but also ensures their realization by attracting the necessary financial, material and human resources. In the recent economic history of Bulgaria there are many successful entrepreneurs who, despite their great difficulties, have managed to widen their businesses. But inevitably there comes comes the moment when they have to decide when, how and at what cost they have to get out of it. Any investment made without a planned outcome creates prerequisites for potential losses or lost profits, both for the investor himself - receiving lower or even zero return on the investment, and for society - the loss of jobs and business opportunities, as well as the state itself - collecting less taxes and more social spending.

This process undoubtedly requires serious and consistent preparation for which BIA, as a nationally representative employer organization, is ready to partner with the Bulgarian business.

What parameters does a business need to meet in order to benefit from the service offered?

At the present moment, the service is aimed mainly at all Bulgarian enterprises in the field of production or information technology, which generate over BGN 20 million in annual turnover or report over BGN 2 million in profit. Of course, in time we will try to develop and expand this scope so that more Bulgarian entrepreneurs can benefit from it, but for now we have considered that this is the necessary minimum to which some serious investors may be interested- those who we wish would plan to work and attract in Bulgaria.

Who should Bulgarian entrepreneurs contact, in case they decided to attract or sell their business?

The team of BIK Capital Market Ltd. works in the building of the Bulgarian Industrial Association at the known address: 16-20 Alabin St., Sofia. We are available for all interested at: or tel. 02/980 38 53, 981 45 67 (fax).