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Ivan Velkov - Member of the Management Board of BIA and Chairman of BGFMA, participates in the Bulgarian-Chinese Business Forum in Shanghai. The event takes place during the official visit of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev to China from 1-5 July 2019.

Yesterday representatives of the Bulgarian business participated in a session during the World Economic Forum in Dalian, dedicated to the dialogue between Chinese state-owned enterprises and the Bulgarian government.

The President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev was the main guest of the session. In his speech at the forum, the Bulgarian head of state highlighted the active political dialogue between the Bulgarian and Chinese institutions and the high level of trust between the two countries. Rumen Radev called for this trust to materialize in the interests of citizens and businesses through projects as a part of the Belt and Road initiative and the multilateral partnership under the 17+1 initiative.

The head of state listed the good examples in the Bulgarian-Chinese economic relations and the mutual interest in their subsequent development. He informed that China’s largest tourist operator uses software produced by a Bulgarian company.

He also emphasized on the importance of sectors such as automotive, agriculture, information technology and communications. According to Forbes, Sofia is among the first 10 places for the creation and development of start-up companies.

On behalf of the Chinese government, the head of the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), an organization that coordinates the work of 85 state-owned enterprises in China, took part. Chinese state-owned companies from the oil, energy, construction, agriculture, food, culture and education sectors, tourism, and tourism infrastructure have taken up the issue.

He informed that the organization supports a series of projects under the 16+1 Initiative. SASAC is ready to work with Bulgaria as well.