The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber together with Enterprise Europe Network partners and other stakeholders is presenting the 5th Danube Region Business Forum 2015. The main topic of this year's 5th Danube Region Business Forum is Supply Chain Design and Transport & Logistics in the Danube Region.

Meet up more than 500 participants and more than 50 speakers  from more than 15 countries & 5 Continents and more than 20 Roundtables from all over the world Connecting the Danube Region regionally and globally, addressing issues of a much more Multipolar World challenges and environment.

Get informed about the Status of the Danube Makro Region Strategy in respect to the Priority Areas and Pillar „Global Connectivity, Mobility and Multimodality“, but also going beyond into 2 Marketplaces Automotive and Food, Procurement Strategies and Capabilites/Systems.  Increasing  the Competitiveness on Regional and Global Scale by bringing the Strategy up to Projects and sustainable Business, we will go far beyond of  Mobility & Multimodality only.

Meet your potential partners, deal makers, companies and stakeholders  in Business in individual B2B-talks, learn how to get access to the Juncker Investment Initiative  from the EU and participate at more than 20 Dialog Roundtables hosted from all Danube Region countries, but also from all over the Globe !

Register now and profit from this unique opportunity to connect with key decision makers from the Danube region countries:

 Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro,

  ……but also Globally from China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, UAE, Turkey, Russia, Greece, North Africa like Tunesia, Marocco, Algeria, South America etc.

There will be no participation fee! As places are limited, we recommend to register asap!

For more information:

5th Danube Region Business Forum - October 1st and 2nd 2015, Vienna, Austria