Kosta Velikin
Chairman of the Board
+359 888 390 315
Gabriela Chiflichka
General Secretary
+359 888 390 315


Main objectives:

  • To protect the interests of its members along with the protection of consumers and the environment;
  • To promote good practices and expert knowledge for the products – domestic electrical equipment;
  • Cooperation for the purpose of improving the legislative, regulatory and public framework for the business concerning the production and trade with electrical domestic equipment.
  • To support the promotion and development of further know-how in domestic electrical equipment and research in cooperation with universities and scientific institutions and to encourage the distribution of expert knowledge whereby to create conditions for sustainable development in this field. On this basis to enlarge support for the use of the manufactured high-technology products.
  • To provide a forum for its members to reach a consensus on issues of common interest such as product/process standardization and to call for initiatives for amendments both on national and EU regulations. In this regard to be a medium of communication between its members and the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers with a permanent seat in Brussels, Belgium (hereinafter referred to in short as CECED – Brussels).
  • To represent and protect the common interests of its members before national governmental and local authorities and bodies and third parties.
  • To provide expert knowledge on subjects of common interest in favor of its members, to conduct market research, analyses and to involve experts.
  • To discuss in the media its position on important issues of domestic electrical equipment manufacturing and trade and best production practices.
  • To encourage competition in favor of public interest. The association shall refrain from and shall make efforts to prevent agreements of any kind between companies, decisions of associations of companies, as well as coordinated practices between companies, which aim at or could result in preventing, limiting or violating the competition on the market of electrical domestic equipment.