Neno Dzhevrev
Chairman of the Management Board



Art. 1. The Bulgarian Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a non-profit association within the meaning of the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act

Art. 2. (1) The official name of the association is "BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND ELECTRONICS".

(2) For the purposes of correspondence in English, the official name is "BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND ELECTRONICS".

(3) For the purposes of correspondence in German, the official name is "BULGARISCHER VERBAND DER ELEKTROTECHNIK UND ELEKTRONIK".

Art. 3. BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND ELECTRONICS, hereinafter referred to as "ASSOCIATION", in its statutes, is headquartered in Sofia and has a management address in Sofia, Krasna Polyana Municipality, "Alexander Stamboliiski" Blvd N 205.

Art. 4. (1) The ASSOCIATION shall carry out its activity for the private benefit of its members, on the basis of this Statute and in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

(2) The ASSOCIATION is a voluntary association, is not a management structure and in its activity does not in any way violate the independence of its members.

Art. 5. The ASSOCIATION is a legal person with its own stamp, tax number, BULSTAT, bank accounts and own sign.

Art. 6. The existence of the ASSOCIATION is not limited in time.