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The Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology is a national non-governmental, non-profit organization representing business from the area of mining and related activities and services, established in 1991.

Since its establishment the Chamber has been an organizational member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association; later on it became member of the European Association of Mining Industries (EUROMINES), European Association for Coal and Lignite (EURACOAL) and Confederation of the Employers and the Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB).

Currently the organization has around 120 members from the following eight industries: Extraction of Metal Ores, Extraction of Non-Metal Ores - Industrial Materials, Extracion of Oil and Natural Gas, Coal Mining, Extraction of Inert and Construction Materials, Extraction of Marbles and Granites, Geology, Related Activities - Science, Engineering, Mining, Construction, Trade, etc. Between 50 and 100% of the companies in Bulgaria with businesses in the mentioned spheres of industry are members to the Chamber.

The Chamber members contribute up to 5% of the GDP of the country, provide over 30,000 direct jobs, and in excess of 120,000 jobs as indirect employment.

The Major Functions of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology are:

- to support and encourage the Chamber members in developing their businesses;

- to represent the Chamber members and defend their interests;

- to represent the Bulgarian mining industry with the governmental authorities, the bodies for social cooperation and       partnership, the industrial organisations on a national and international scale, and the EU institutions;

- to represent the Chamber members in negotiating collective labour agreements and in the tri-partite cooperation; in concluding a collective labour agreement for the industry in line with the Labour Code;

- to review and prepare statements on draft legislation concerning the mining industry;

- to cooperate in promoting professional development and improved labour conditions;

- to assist in attracting investments in the industry;

- to ensure that the mining industry develops in compliance with the principles of sustainable development, environmental preservation, and guarantees the public interest;

- to cooperate with similar European and international organisations for the purpose of studying and adopting the best available practices;

- to promote the image of the Bulgarian mining industry in the country and abroad.

Key partners of the BCMG are:

- State institutions – Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment and Waters, Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, National Parliament, and local government institutions;

- Industrial organizations - The BCMG is an organizational member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA); Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG); a member of the European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores and Industrial Materials and the European Association for Coal and Lignite. BCMG supports Bulgarian Network of Global Compact of UN.

- Scientific and academic organizations - “St. Ivan Rilski” Mining and Geology University and Science and Technology Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy.