Bulgarian Industrial Association hosted a discussion concerning the introduction of a European "Blue Card" in Bulgaria. It was organized at the initiative of the European Institute in Sofia.

The meeting was opened by the Secretary of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Peter Denev. In his opening speech the Secretary General of the BIA pointed out that many companies in our country do not appreciate the seriousness of the problem required the training of its specialists. "Large countries suck the cream of our staff," said Denev, adding that this happens mostly with 15 major European countries including the U.S. and China. Denev Peter presented the draft BIA OP "Human Resources" to build a network to evaluate the competence of the workforce, and national information system for competency assessment. One of the aims of the project is to establish uniform requirements and standards for key specialties and professions in the national economy.

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STUDY OF NEED FOR highly skilled workforce in the BULGARIAN LABOUR