Cooperation with foreign embassies and trade offices

The International Economic Relations Centre is able to assist in cooperation with foreign embassies and representative offices in Bulgaria, as well as with Bulgarian overseas missions abroad.

Communicates with the BIA representatives abroad and cooperates for the implementation of services based on agreements with more than 70 business organizations from other countries.

Madrid, Spain 
Phone: (+34) 91 3020863 
Contact person: Christo Christov
Beijing, China 
Phone: (+86) 1064108434 
Contact person: Anton Donchev
Shanghai, China 
Phone: (+86) 21 65648408 
Contact person: Milen Gritzkov
Randburg, South Africa 
Phone: (+27) 11 462 0066 
E-mail: (+27) 11 462 0066 
Contact person: Rosen Jordanov
Finland, Saint Petersburg, Russia 
Phone: (+ 358) 40 7085151 
Contact person: Peter Zashev
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