Information requirements and best practices on environment

The Clean Industry Centre was established in 1995 as a unit of BIA with for the purpose of facilitating the dialogue between the industry and the administration, concerning companies, branch and regional business organizations, regarding the implementation of the regulatory requirements, decreasing the impacts on the environment and increasing the efficiency and the productivity.

The Centre develops expert opinions on normative acts’ projects for the environment and participates in their defending in front of the executive power and the legislative authority. It also participates in the work of the advisory boards and working groups at the Ministry of Environment and Waters, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Executive Environment Agency, standardization agencies, metrology, technical control and accreditation, Working group 22 at the Ministry of Environment and Waters for the integration of the European directives in the Bulgarian legislation, in the Permanent working group – Management of the environment at the TK 15 “Environment” and others.

The Clean Industry Centre initiated the adoption of ISO 14001:1996 and ISO 14001:2004 (Systems for management of the environment) as identical national standards (1998, 2005), as well as their popularizing and implementation in the Bulgarian industry. The Centre assists in defining and executing some of the best existing techniques and technologies in the corresponding sectors.

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Iliana Pavlova - Director

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