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BIA Chairman Radosvet Radev, in his capacity of chairman of the Board of Directors of Albena AD, cut the strip of the largest multifunctional hall in Albena Resort - Perunica Hall. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister Krasimir Karakachanov and Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov took part in the official opening ceremony. The opening of Albena's latest acquisition coincides with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the resort.

Speaking to the guests of the event, Radosvet Radev said the following:

"The presence of Prime Minister Borisov on our holiday is a clear sign of the attention that the executive power is monitoring the processes in Bulgarian tourism.

A study by the National Statistical Institute recently revealed that 43% of Bulgarian companies, created after 2010, shut dowm within two years. This knowledge is necessary to evaluate what a 50-year-old company in the Bulgarian economy means.

You all know that Albena is a small part of the territory of Bulgaria and a small part of the Bulgarian economy. Everything that has happened in the last two or three decades in the Bulgarian economy has been happening to a greater or lesser extent in the Albena economy. Established in 1969, it has been a privately held company for 22 years, a sign of successful privatization.

I want to share some numbers with great pleasure. For these 22 years, the private company Albena has generated sales revenues of BGN 1.7 billion. For all these years the company has invested over half a billion of its own funds, which shows that Bulgarian investors should not be underestimated at the expense of the foreign investors. The taxes paid into the Republic budget are BGN 144 million, with the municipal taxes alone being BGN 30 million and dividends amounting to BGN 44 million.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, we do not expect you to bring us tourists, we do not expect you to prepare us a better dish than our master chefs from the amazingly tempting Bulgarian cuisine. But we are expecting a sign to show everyone that the Bulgarian tourism is just as important to the Bulgarian government as your counterparts in the South - in Turkey and Greece, in the West - in Croatia and Hungary, in the North - in Scandinavia. When you manage to bring “Volkswagen” to Bulgaria, Albena is a good place for the Board of Directors to make their meetings.

For the last part, I will quote a German magazine that wrote an article a few days ago and that mentioned that the only place where a European feels European in Bulgaria is Albena - because of our nature protection policy, our energy conservation policy, our policy for the sustainable development of the complex. "