According to an international study a lot more employers are having trouble with finding new employees. Over 45% of the candidates don’t have the required qualification and skills and one tenth are expecting a higher paycheck. The most wanted specialist are electricians, bricklayers, carpenters and plumbers.

In an interview for the Bulgarian National Television, Mr. Tomcho Tomov – Director of the National Center for Competence Assessment of the BIA says: “A long time ago we raised the question of the lack of specialists with secondary educational qualification for more than 190 professions.”

62% of employees are facing challenges with finding the right employees. In a lot of cases the problem goes even deeper.

“For example, 90% of employers from Plovdiv region have this problem”, said Mr. Tomov.

In one third of these cases there aren’t any available employees, in one third they don’t gave the right qualification, 13% don’t have the needed skills and 11% demand a higher paycheck.

“We are facing a new head hunting trend – transferring employees from one organization to another by offering better salaries. In a lot of regions the payment for a good turner goes higher than BGN 2000. It’s high time for people to understand that completing a university degree is just a step towards life-long learning” said Mr. Tomov.  

According to the employers the root of this problem lies in the poor quality of Bulgaria’s educational system, which has to be more business oriented and more flexible.