From March 1, 2021, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce is located at: Sofia 1527, 76 Chataldja Str. The phones and email addresses of the BIA team are preserved!

10-storey business building BIA SKY Office Building, owned by the subsidiary BIA Imoti EOOD, brings together under one roof the team of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, BIC "Capital Market" Ltd., Bozhidar Danev Publishing House Ltd. and the Arbitration Court at BIA.

The building follows the idea to become not just a space with modern offices, but to create an overall favorable environment for business development. Therefore, the doors of BIA SKY Office Building are wide open, both for our guests and for future tenants, with whom we share the same values.

The part for the Bulgarian Industrial Association is spread over four levels (ground floor, the first 2 floors "open space" and offices on the 4th floor), with a total area of ​​1520 sq.m. The connection between the separate levels is carried out by a single-arm ladder and a combined elevator (freight-passenger), as the requirements for accessible environment are met. There are garages and storage areas (a total of 830 m2).

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