Research on the Educational and Vocational Qualification Structure of the Workforce at National, Sector, and Regional Level

Education is becoming a more and more important economic factor with deep public significance, not only a social phenomenon. Apart from being a prerequisite for social development, the high educational level of a country is closely related to its welfare for it triggers its economic potential. Technological changes lead to changes in the employment structure which brings forth the need to incorporate the educational system into the technological restructuring. This is a way to strengthen the market relation between education and business and to produce stimuli for the educational system improvement so that it could face the challenges which technological changes bring about. 


The analysis "Research on the educational and vocational qualification structure of the workforce at national, sector, and regional level" aims at defining and assessing the basic development tendencies in the educational and vocational qualification structure in the period 2004-2009 by studying their quantitative indicators at a national level, as well as in the selected sectors, economic activities and districts in the country.