Ref. № 05-06-4/4.2.2021 г.



Prof. Dr. Kostadin Angelov,

Minister of Health

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angel Kunchev,

Chief State Health Inspector



Mr. Boyko Borisov

Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

Mrs. Mariana Nikolova,

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy and Minister of Tourism

Mr. Lachezar Borisov,

Minister of Economy

Mr. Kiril Ananiev,

Minister of Finance

Mr. Boil Banov,

Minister of Culture

SUBJECT: Resumption of activities of congress and exhibition businesses in the epidemic conditions



We hereby express our strong support for the standpoint of the Bulgarian Congress Bureau (member of BIA) on the need to resume the activities of the congress centers in the conditions of the epidemic situation.

As we have repeatedly had the opportunity to comment on the problem, we believe that, from an epidemic viewpoint, the activities of congress centers do not differ in essence from the activities of cultural institutions - cinemas, theaters, museums and others. In this regard, it is confusing that by your order № РД-01-52 / 26.01.2020 the activity of these institutions was allowed to continue within certain restrictions, and the congress centers remain closed.

The congress and exhibition business employs hundreds of thousands of companies, for whom the lack of temporary employment can become permanent if the restrictions continue for a longer period. The prospects of adequate planning is of special importance for congress and exhibition businesses. Therefore, it is imperative that, as soon as possible, those engaged in this type of activity receive clear information about when they will be able to work again, albeit with the appropriate restrictions on distance and hygiene.

In addition, we draw your attention to the fact that in another order of yours - № RD-01-51 / 26.01.2020, in item 8 c, the requirement to wear a face mask is explicitly exempted for "participants in congress-conference events, briefings , press conferences and seminars during the speech (lecture, presentation, etc.) observing a physical distance of 1.5 m from the other participants ”. This wording implies that the congress and conference events in question are permitted, which in turn conflicts with item 6 of Order RD-01-677 / 25.11.2020, which prohibits their activities.

We hope that you will show understanding and respond as soon as possible to the expectations of the companies engaged in congress and exhibition activities.






Chairman of the Board of BIA

On the resumption of activities of the congress and exhibition businessеs
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