Legal services

BIA offers to its members the following legal services:

Current legal services

  • participation in negotiations;
  • preparation of contracts;
  • consultations on current legal problems of the company;
  • preparation of documents for recording changes in the trade register;
  • preparation of documents for initiating legal proceedings;
  • representation in court and arbitration proceedings;
  • employment servicing, including preparation of job descriptions, rules and regulations for the internal labour system, and etc.;
  • real estate transactions;
  • stock and obligations transactions;
  • financial security – mortgages and stakes;
  • legal assistance, when investments made in Bulgaria;
  • preparation of a legal analysis of a company;
  • preparation of judicial opinion on a legal case;
  • registration of commercial companies and representations.

Protection of entrepreneurs, applying the Law on Protection of Competition.

  • Defence against unfair competition;
  • Preparation of notifications to the Commission for Protection of Competition /CPC/ in cases of business activity concentration -  merger, fusion, control acquisition;
  • Preparation of claims to CPC for repealing an interdict of contracts and concerted practices;
  • Protection against misuse with monopoly and prevailing situations;
  • Preparation of written stands of entrepreneur associations to CPC;
  • State benefits;
  • Oral and written consultations;
  • Procedure representation and defence before the Commission for Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court

Types of legal services

  • Subscription
  • Service in case of necessity at a price on contractual basis.

Natalia Sabeva
Chief Legal Adviser at BIA

Address: 1000, Sofia, 16-20, Alabin street
Phone: + 359 2/ 932 09 27, 932 09 29
Fax: + 359 2/ 987 26 04

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