Training to improve communication skills

Center "Public Relations" at BIA offers training on the following topics:

Communication and business communication.

The training covers the following topics: content and scope of the term "communication". Communication process. Lines of communication. Communication and rhetorical communication. Communication system. Communicative environment. Forms of communication: written, oral and visual; internal and external. Communication and advertising, outdoor, mail, print, radio, telereklama, advertising, point of sale, advertising campaign, advertising campaign. Marketing and communication.

Internal communication within the organization

The training covers the following topics: Principles, goals, objectives, functions, structure, content, lines, forms and means of internal business communication. Rhetorical features of business communication in internal communication in an organization. Direct business communication as a form-tool for personnel management in an organization. Authority and personal responsibility in business communication.

Working with the media

The training covers the following topics: communication with the media as a process. Data collection. Planning communication. Press release and press conference. Behavior in contact with the media. Behavior when giving interviews. Analysis of the performance.

Business meeting and successful communication

The training covers the following topics: Preparing the business meeting. Collecting preliminary information. Preliminary plan: problems, goals, expectations, dangers. Proper preparation for a business meeting. Working plan. Initiative. Preliminary arrangements: thematic round agenda, participants, powers, procedure, time and other regulations, workshops, etc. and preliminary documentation.

Presentation skills

The training covers the following topics: Specifics of the presentation. Elements of the presentation. Psychological aspects of the presentation. Audience. Structuring the presentation. Technical training. Techniques of stress management presentation. Behavior in contact with the audience.

Marketing for nonprofits

The training covers the following topics: Elements of the organizational and corporate identity. Vision, mission and goals. "Products" and causes of NGOs. Communication and marketing techniques for branding organizations. Attracting partners, donors and sponsors. Establishment and development of contact with supporters.

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