Cooperation with international organizations

The International Organizations and Programmes Center was established in 1993 marking the beginning of active planning, developing and carrying out international projects funded by various programmes and in collaboration with European and Bulgarian partners.

Some of the center’s main activities include the following:

  • Providing BIA members with information about EU requirements concerning Bulgarian business
  • Assisting BIA members in the European social dialogue including by raising possibilities for sector organizations to participate in European sector federations’ activities.
  • Applying good European practices in various fields including the following:
    • Online training systems in the field of quality management and occupational health and safety;
    • Establishing occupational health services with the employers’ organizations;
    • Boosting green energy production enterprises;
    • Change management in industrial relations;
    • Flexicurity and social dialogue development in CEE countries;
    • Implementing ‘serious games’ as a human resource management tool.

The center coordinates BIA’s collaboration with international organizations such as:


Branimir Handjiev
International Organizations and Programs, Director General

Address: 1000 Sofia, 16-20, Alabin Str.
Telephone: +3592 932 09 22, +3592 987 09 91


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