• Promote balanced participation of men and women in economic decision-making
  • Research, transfer knowledge and raise awareness on this topic
  • Create a Handbook with relevant data and analyses on gender balanced decision-making
  • Share knowledge, experiences of good practice, survey results and comparative study results through awareness raising events (workshops and conferences)
  • Create a voluntary code of conduct regarding gender balance in top decision-making and to attract companies in the participating countries to sign it up 


FB GEMA Community

Target groups
  • SOCIAL PARTNERS: employer organisations, workers representatives and socio-economic councils in participating countries and in EU;
  • COMPANIES in participating countries
DG Justice – Progress programme
Budget line
412.797 EUR
  1. Bulgarian Industrial Association /BIA/
  2. Association of Employers of Slovenia ZDS
  3. Croatian Employers Association HUP
  4. University of Wolverhampton, UK
  5. EuroCoop, Slovenia
  6. Business Confederation of Macedonia
Lyudmila Metsova
1000 Sofia, 16-20, Alabin Str.
+3592 932 09 22
Martin Stoyanov
+3592 932 09 33