Boris Abadjiev
Chairman of the Board
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At a constituent meeting on January 26, 2002 , 21 of the biggest companies - producers and importers of new professional equipment for hotels, restaurants and bars have established their own society – the


This has set the beginning of a new stage of relations between all the participants on the market.

The National Association /HoReCa/ is voluntary, non-governmental, branch organization. Based on the principals of the self-regulating market, it is the next step of creating new business relation between the colleagues in the branch. As a natural response to the needs of a mediator in the field, the HoReCa Association has the ambitions to help the better movement of goods, capitals and ideas.
The founders have set ambitious plans:
  • To regulare the activities in the branch
  • To guarantee the loyalty of relations between all participants on the market
  • To protect together their interests in front of competent state, government and civil institutions.
Among the priorities of the Association is the intention to help the state institutions to harmonize legislation, standards and sanitary requirements with those of the European Union.

The philosophy of the National association HoReCa is based on the work and enterprise of it`s founders, on their enthusiasm and will for changes.

The leading role have the order and the legality.

The Association is an open type - members could be all companies in the branch, which comply with the conditions set in the organization chart.