Gentlemen politicians, do not play with the financial boomerang!
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Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) expressed strong concern of unmeasured statements of public figures on the state of the Bulgarian banking system and financial stability of the state. 
Rampant political selfishness destroy confidence in institutions, and now politicians reach for the financial stability of the state and the banks. Satisfy political egos inevitably deeply affect the interests of the nation. Political narcissism can not and should not be opposed to financial stability. 
Responsible political behavior suggests seeking ways out of the situation of confusion and uncertainty about the short-term and long-term prospects for society and the economy. Economy and society can not and should not be held hostage to political bickering for power and influence. 
Far-sighted politicians should realize that artificially created problems not only bring negatives to the present government, but will remain in the heritage of each next government. Gentlemen politicians, do not play with the financial boomerang, it will sooner or later come back to you! 
We believe in both the financial stability of the country and of Bulgarian banks and the political elite of the need to make efforts to reassure the public, not to instill fear and distrust in the banking institutions. 
We urge politicians, journalists, experts and other public figures to influence public to refrain from statements that lead to excessive pumping of social tension and jeopardize the financial stability of the country. 
Call for more understanding and commitment to the future of Bulgaria. Because Bulgaria is not a juxtaposition of candidates for power horizon of thinking until the next election. Bulgaria's millennial country with dignity and with people who historically has proven its wisdom and foresight.