Mediation between business and the participants in the legislative process

BIA offers updated information about changes in legislation, as well as mediation between business representatives and participants in the legislative process, incl.:

  • Introduction and presentation of opinions and positions in the National Assembly;
  • Providing meetings of parliamentary committees;
  • Arranging meetings with the management of the National Assembly, parliamentary groups and parliamentary committees;
  • Establishment of working contacts with parliamentary secretaries of the ministries and the Council of Ministers;
  • Conducting exploratory talks on proactive information to businesses pending legislative action;
  • Advising on the appropriate forms and deadlines for inclusion of business representatives in the legislative process;
  • Providing current materials they work with MPs.

Cveti Semerdjieva
Parliamentary Secretary

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fax:     + 359 2 987 26 04
GSM:  + 359 878 14 13 13

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