Date: 27.07.2017

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The former Vice President of Bulgaria and current Vice President and General Secretary of BIA, Margarita Popova, believes that Bulgaria needs a strategy for raising income and defined it as an event with a long-term vision. "It is part of the big plan for the country's economic potential," said Popova, who met with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in Tutrakan today.

In the words of Margarita Popova, the strategy should be developed "together, at the negotiating table", by the employers' organizations, the state and the trade unions.

Margarita Popova believes it is necessary to consider "whether we should not redraw the economic map of the country".

"We just have to think about becoming economically consolidated, producing more and of better quality – this is the only way for increasing income and people being more satisfied," Popova said and stressed that the voice of business has to be heard locally.

Margarita Popova said that the question of service increment and acquired professional qualification remains open and will be discussed in the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation. "This is a tiny detail from the question of income and the big question about the economic and social policy in the state," said Margarita Popova.