Date: 26.07.2017

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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On 26th July 2017, the vice – president and secretary general of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Margarita Popova took part in an extended meeting of the board of manager of the Shumen Industrial Association.

During the conference, the local contractors put questions for discussion that need a constructive dialog between the institutions, the employers and the syndicate.

One of the main discussed questions was the problem with the insufficient amount of qualified specialists, which have to meet the need of the new production and the possibilities for labour-mobility. The employers from Shumen pointed that the social capital analysis and the new facilitated possibilities for access to working force’s education are urgent, because they will contribute to its competitive power.

Mrs. Popova introduced the participants in the meeting with the basic enactments, specifying the labour migration and the labour mobility – The law for labour migration and labour mobility. The law for the foreigners in The Bulgarian Republic and the sublegislative documents for their application along with the Law for encouragement of the work load with the measures, programs and projects for the work load stipulated in it, funded by the national budget or the resources from the European Union.

In this year the Centre for professional education with BIA carries out a project “Qualified staff for the business” which is for the increasing of work load and balancing the labour market by preparing the work force in correspondence with the business demands. From the beginning of the year, by an employer’s request from Shumen, 18 unemployed people had been educated throughout the project. The local employers are hoping that such projects will turn into steady national policy for stabilizing the labour market – that was said during the conference.

Regarding the labour mobility and the encouragement of the work force in cross-border zones, Mrs. Popova pointed as a good example the project, carried out by Industrial Association – Veliko Tarnovo, partner with House of commerce, of industry, of navigation and of agriculture – Constanz (Romania) and The Bulgarian Industrial Association – a unit of the Bulgarian business. The project aims to help the interaction and the partnership in ensuring the appropriate working force between the regions of Veliko Tarnovo, Dobrich, Silistra, Ruse – Bulgaria and the regions of Constanz, Kalarash – Romania.

On 27th July, Mrs. Popova will hold s work meeting with employers from Tutrakan municipality and the region. During the meeting topical questions for the economic development and the possibilities for encouraging the business climate will be discussed.