Date: 08.06.2017


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Today the European Commission presented the Aviation Package “Open and Connected Europe”, containing important proposals to support the EU aviation sector to the benefit of businesses, citizens and the European economy at large. 

It is positive that the Commission is delivering on its December 2015 Aviation Strategy. European airlines are facing severe challenges linked to relatively high operating costs, looming capacity constraints, remaining fragmentation of the Single European Sky (SES) and increased pressure from new competitors and emerging markets.   

BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer said:

“This package contains important initiatives to support the European aviation sector. The revision of Regulation 868 can help to create an international level playing field. A strong aviation sector is essential for Europe’s competitiveness and attractiveness in terms of investment”. 

Connectivity is key for companies and offers real added value to European citizens. BusinessEurope welcomes the Commission’s guidance on service continuity in the event of strikes affecting air navigation. It is essential that Member States closely consider these recommendations and make improvements to national systems where needed. Stakeholders and national governments need to work together to keep the European skies open and connected.    

“We need to continue to push for a true Single European Sky. This means that Member States need to take their responsibility and implement what has been agreed. More effective use and management of the European airspace will increase connectivity and reduce costs and emissions. In this context, we urge the Council to swiftly find a solution and agree on the SES 2+ Package”, Beyrer added. 


See the European Commission proposal here.