Date: 08.07.2016

Source: UN Global Compact Network BG

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The main purpose of the “Proud of my Parents’ Work” Project is to show to the children that the role of labor is of essential value and everyone can be necessary and useful to the society, regardless of the profession that he or she has.

 The annual collective project  ‘Proud of my Parents’ Work’ aims at helping children understand the role of the labor and creativity as a basis of satisfaction, self-esteem, and fulfillment, by enabling them to follow through the labor process of their parents in the workplace.

 Another objective of the programme is to provide young people the opportunity of career-orientation by inspiring them to first make a responsible choice of a profession and only then to consider where and how can they prepare career wise.

 The culmination of the initiative is the Bazaar of Professions, which since 2015 is established as a separate public event. 

In the last year’s edition hundreds of pupils, teachers, and parents visited the fair and took part in the presentations of various professions and career orientation workshops.