Date: 08.12.2014

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ON: The stated intentions to increase contributions to the SSS and NHIF, and precipitous changes in security systems.
Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) definitely does not support requested by some social partners intentions to increase contributions to the SSS and NHIF, and precipitous changes in security systems - changes "piece" without prior in-depth analysis and debate.
BIA continues to assert its principled position that we should develop a package of measures to ensure medium-term and long-term financial stability of the insurance system. This requires:
  • Budgets of SSS and NHIF to be cleared of charges that are not related to the contributions of individuals;
  • Long-term solution to increase the retirement age on the basis of actuarial assumptions and objective forecasts for the development of the demographic processes and the labor market;
  • Introduction of a minimum age for early retirement under Article 69 / CSR (police, military, judiciary) and new, more objective criteria for early retirement, taking into account the actual conditions at the specific workplace;
  • Radical change in the system for determining and granting pensions and benefits for temporary and / or permanent disability;
  • Effective control of the issuance of medical certificates and exemption from the obligation of employers to pay the first three days 'sick';
  • Effective control of the collection of contributions;
  • Remove the "ceiling" of pensions;
  • Submission to the actual amount of health insurance contributions from the state party;
  • Introduce clear rules for medical care of the health uninsured and funding for this activity;
  • Analysis of the situation and vision of prospects for pension insurance companies;
  • Optimize the administration and computerization of social security systems.
BIA expects the government and the 43rd National Assembly sound economic sense, realism and concerted actions with social partners to ensure the financial stability of social security systems.